The role of our PR department & how it affects your business?

By September 28, 2014News

The role of a pr consultant can vary, and can include writing, for example press releases, public speaking, organizing events and more.

Our public relations department handles the public image of your company.

Our job at The Mark is to make the public aware of news relating to your company, product, or even government department, in such a way as to create interest and acceptance.

We provide.

Written Communication
From information on new products for media launches, to press releases, articles & content creation.

Organizing Events
From media launches to press conferences, company banquets and more, we provide the service of organizing and managing corporate events.

Media Relations
We will connect the media to your business, news, radio, media buying and interviews.

At the other end of the scale, At The Mark we have maintained good relationships with the media, so that when necessary, press releases and other media items are picked up by the desired publications.

Develop Promotional Strategies
Whenever a new product, or even a new idea is developed, we will create public interest, and generate acceptance of the product. This is another area where our pr department comes into the equation.

With so many varied tasks, and involvement with corporate image building on so many levels, it’s clear that our strong work ethic, and unconventional business hours is the only choice for your business.

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