The MARK Consulting & Marketing

Revolutionizing & Redefining The New Era In Marketing

At The Mark, we understand that we can’t do things the same way we did 10 years ago. Times have changed, and we have evolved our mix of marketing methods to fit the dynamic industries of today.


The Mark Means Results.

The Mark combines years of industry knowledge with expertise in targeted, efficient and fresh marketing techniques. We believe that with right message, the right audience, and a suitable bold execution, your company will be seen and understood.

At The Mark, we help businesses across North America achieve success by constructing the right message, targeting the right audience, and executing the proper delivery using the right tools. Whether it’s in visual design for TV or print, or exponentially increasing brand exposure via Twitter and Facebook.

Passion For What We Do. Bold Results.

We love what we do and we do it with an intense passion for the our clients businesses.  The results speak for themselves.
Some of the services we can provide you with:

Social Media

Specialization in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, page design and traffic generation. Ongoing Social Media Campaigns (365 days a year). We Operate it for you every day (24/7).

Website Design

Functionality programming, connecting all Social Media platforms. Search engine optimization & Google Ad Words.

Graphic Designers

The office is a group of creative individuals; Developers, Designers making ideas come alive for clients.

Public Relations & Copyrighting

Connecting your business to media outlets. Content and Copyrighting-Press Releases.

Visual Ad Creation

Commercial production for national television, Infomercials for promotional use (online viral videos)

Promotional Products

Your company’s promotional products say a lot about your business. This means that they need to be eye-catching, well-designed, informative, and professional. Sales information that fits into all of these categories will help your business stand out from the crowd.

Market Research

Market demographic research – plan to target.

Brand Development & Business Management

Brand Development Strategy sessions. Business management – Employee motivation and inspiration, team building.

Mark Pavelich:

The Mark Consulting & Marketing President & CEO

Mark Pavelich is a marketing professional and social media expert who has been growing brands and perfecting person-to-person marketing strategy for over two decades. As Founder and President of The Mark Consulting and Marketing, Mark draws from his extensive experience in sales and business development to create a forum for new and established companies alike; to promote their brand, share their message, and in turn, seize new and profitable opportunities. Mark’s innovative, modern and bold approach is unparalleled in the industry, and this unique style has not only made Mark a sought after creative professional, but has allowed his clients to realize unprecedented results. Mark is eager to share his passion/obsession for networking and enthusiasm for relationship building. The additions to the team with his son Dave who is the creative director and his daughter Kayla who is the Instagram & Pinterest director and wife Manon is the treasurer has made The Mark Consulting a true force in the Marketing world.

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