The Mark Consulting teams with WECA

By August 8, 2014News

The Mark Consulting is very proud to announce that it has entered into a new partnership with the West Edmonton Christian Assembly to handle this fantastic organization’s social media campaign.
This new campaign, according to WECA’s senior pastor Glenn Patrick, will be the church’s major thrust in raising awareness during the next year, and one the entire pastoral team is excited about.
“I see it more about planting a seed,” explained Pastor Glenn. “I’m not the type of person who is driven by end goals, number or percentages. I’d love to see more people added to our church to hear our messages about enriching people’s lives and their families’ lives, but this is more about helping to get us some exposure and getting people to take an interest in what we’re doing and what a strong presence we have in our community and city.
“We are fairly outreach-oriented. It’s kind of like a referral program – people bring other people. We want people to get interested in what we’re doing and then maybe come to the church for Easter or Christmas.
“It’s not about having one grand slam idea. You seldom see that work. It’s about pieces of the puzzle all fitting together and adding our campaign with The Mark is a nice piece to our puzzle.”
The Mark Consulting will lead WECA’s social media drive with an emphasis on the church’s services and vast array of programs and events.
“I’m humbled and grateful to have been asked to lead WECA’s campaign, this one’s different, this one’s not just business for us, it’s very personal and close to our hearts” said Mark Pavelich, Owner of The Mark.
“Pastor Glenn and his team are just a wonderful group of people to work with, and to be asked to assist them with their big push is truly a pleasure to be a part of.”
While WECA has previously utilized more traditional media such as newsletters, flyers, radio, and television, information gathering sources have changed so much that it has come time to dive into something new.
“Social media has such a great impact. It’s the footprint that people are using now and I’m very confident that Mark is going to be able to help us move in this direction,” added Pastor Glenn.
“Our hope is to develop a greater reach and Mark has envisioned a plan for us to have a big impact.”