The Mark Consulting signs with Augusta Fine Homes

By December 1, 2014News

The Mark Consulting is pleased to announce a new agreement to act as the exclusive provider of marketing and promotion to Augusta Fine Homes.

Regarded as one of the best high-end home builders, Augusta Fine Homes, a member of the Qualico Homes group of companies, carefully chose which company to assist in their endeavors.

“One of the major reasons we chose The Mark was because of they offered a different set of skills than what most others do in marketing,” said Sandra Young, Vice-President of Augusta Fine Homes.

“The difference is really that the people at The Mark have a great background in promotions because for us it’s not just about marketing, it’s about promoting the brand. It’s a great team at The Mark and they are very focused on us and what we need. We were made to feel like Augusta Fine Homes is a priority to them and that’s a very different feeling than we got from other companies.”

Like Augusta themselves, The Mark Consulting took its time before hand-selecting which company to work alongside.

“We were contacted by many builders and high-end home companies, but without a doubt, Augusta Fine Homes is at the top of the class,” said Mark Pavelich, Owner of The Mark Consulting.

“We’re beyond excited to be working with such an outstanding group of people.”

Augusta Fine Homes has already established a long list of campaigns that they want to proceed with – each one special in its one way.

“We work on a community basis with our homes. Each community is its own project and each project has its own life,” said Young. “Right now we have some amazing land by a natural lake in a provincial park that is right within city limits.

“In real estate the three major factors are location, location, location. Our message is going to be about each location having its own unique opportunities.”

Under the Qualico umbrella, Augusta Fine Homes began as a high-end home builder in Calgary and soon discovered that the Edmonton market lacked an established provider of similar homes. Young came on board and over the past 14 months, Augusta Fine Homes has started to make its mark in the City of Champions.

“While Augusta may be relatively new, we do have a great deal of longevity behind us being a part of Qualico and all the staff we’ve brought on all have a wealth of experience,” noted Young.