The Mark Consulting partners with Characters Fine Dining

By October 16, 2014News

The Mark Consulting is pleased to announce a new partnership with Character’s Fine Dining, Edmonton’s premier restaurant.

Located in the heart of the city’s downtown core, Character’s has long been a favorite of The Mark’s staff, and now the two have come together.

“I’m a huge fan of Character’s and certainly of Shonn Oborowsky who is not only a terrific person but is unquestionably one of the most talented chefs I’ve ever seen, It’s our duty to let the people of Edmonton know what’s the best restaurant in the city if they don’t already know. It’s about food quality, atmosphere and definitely service said Mark Pavelich, Owner/President of The Mark Consulting.

After doing all of their own marketing for several years, the Character’s team turned to The Mark to capitalize on its team’s skills.

“Mark is the right fit for us to work with because, first of all, he is a food lover and knows what a great dining experience should be like,” stated Oborowsky.

“Secondly, Mark is a tremendous resource when it comes to mainstream and social media which is something Character’s needs to utilize to a much greater extent. One of the key drivers of this initiative will be going after a younger demographic and we need The Mark’s input and ideas.”

One of the primary parts of The Mark’s initial marketing ventures will be to focus on boosting Character’s weekday lunch and Friday night crowds.

Character’s lunch menu has a variety of unique midday selections including a lamb burger and sage butter rabbit ravioli. At night, Chef Shonn’s creations include his own rendition of beef tartar plus entrees of duck breast and Alberta beef tenderloin. A special feature at Character’s in a sumptutious eight-course Tasting Menu with a highlight of Bison striploin.

“What I really like to do with my menus is showcase the beauty of food and what my brain can do with it,” said Oborowsky. “The key for me is starting with a good product. From there, you’ll always finish with a good product.” – Brand new website coming soon.

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