The Mark Consulting Joins Mike Nickel Campaign

By July 29, 2013News


The Mark Consulting, a cutting-edge marketing company, is pleased to announce that it will be handling the advertising and social media aspects of the Mike Nickel campaign as the Edmonton business leader runs for City Council.

Nickel, who previously held an Edmonton City Council position from 2004-2007, is looking to be the financial watchdog and deficit hawk on Council as he attempts to win Ward 11 in the civic election coming up in October.

“The Mark Consulting is growing very quickly but I wanted to make room on our schedule to work with Mike Nickel because a man of his expertise and passion is definitely needed on Edmonton’s City Council,” said Mark Pavelich, Owner of The Mark Consulting.

“He is an astute businessman and the only person running for council in Ward 11 that has any experience both on Council and in business. Mike is very pro-business, and right now in Edmonton it is not time for beginners to be on Council. We need experienced people who can get our City out of this debt crisis.”

Getting the City’s spending under control is first and foremost on Nickel’s game plan. For the University of Alberta graduate, it is about properly accounting for the money coming from the hard-working citizens of Edmonton.

“What I’m hearing at every door I knock on is the people want value for their taxes and better infrastructure,” said Nickel, who holds a degree in Political Science as well as a Master’s in Statistics and Media Studies.

“At door after door, the people are saying fix the roads and get the spending under control. The City is already at $2 billion in debt and it can’t be a penny more. The people are concerned that taxes have gone up too fast and we need to get that spending under control so the City can really reach its potential.”

Nickel is delighted to have teamed up with The Mark Consulting for the final three months of the election build-up.

“In the era of new politics, it’s about Twitter, Facebook, and all of the new media, and if anybody knows all about that it is Mark Pavelich and team at The Mark Consulting,” said Nickel.

“The bottom line is it is something that we have to have and there’s no one better at it than Mark. I had to have the best of the best.”





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