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Over the last year, it’s estimated that 4.7 million Canadians are now working from home, according to an August Statistics Canada data report. With the changes, in large part due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, marketing companies have seen a dramatic spike. They’re everywhere.

By the time you’ve finished reading this post, you’ll likely shift your focus to the remainder of your Instagram timeline, or twitter feed. Perhaps you’re contemplating a career change or are doing some networking, and are looking to LinkedIn to fill that vocational void. Take census over the amount of Marketing Wizards or Social Media Interrupters, Gurus and Ninjas that have ensconced these platforms. They can all tell you “How To Market Your Business”, and will even purport to be experts in getting you more viewership, by following their “simple guide” or “Master Class”. These “experts” may, in fact, be hobbyists- individuals moonlighting as marketers. “Gain more followers,” they’ll proclaim. Meanwhile, their 2019 YouTube video on social media marketing has 22 views.

I’ve built businesses. I’ve sold businesses. People have come to me with ideas- some great ideas. Some that perhaps could’ve used some more thought, as they had major holes that needed to be considered, prior to launch.

We have to do a better job of vetting those we employ. Why is it that you feel that you can help me? What makes your service and product offering unique to market? Give me examples of your past successes, and identify how these successes could translate to helping me with my business?

Do you think they could answer you? Could they deliver on their promises?

I’m always on. My clients can call me on a Friday evening, or on a Tuesday morning, and no matter what, I’ll respond. It’s this work ethic that wins in the long run. I can outwork someone else’s credentials, be more resourceful than most firms, and be more client-centric than a small shop.

I can’t speak to what everyone else is doing. But I don’t care. I can wholeheartedly show you what makes us different. We cover all facets of business growth and development. I’m always looking ahead, exploring new approaches to business.

Whether I’m leading one of Canada’s premier sporting organizations, rebranding a reputable national business, or aligning partnerships for a local privately owned company, my reputation precedes me.

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By @MarkPavelich CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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