The Crystal Glass Hall Did It Contest is over & the Winner is ………

By November 13, 2013News

The investigation is complete. Great sleuths from across Western Canada put their minds to the test, looked over all the clues, and began deducing what was fact and what was fiction.

In the end, the mystery is come to an end. The culprit has been sussed out. The guilty party will be brought to justice, and most importantly, the winner of the #HallDidIt contest has been named.

Crystal Glass founder Ed Bean, general manager Ken Franczek, and of course, hockey superstar Taylor Hall are proud to announce that Evan Macleod of Calgary, Alberta, is the winner of the #HallDidIt contest after he correctly identified #PrimeTime as the street hockey sensation who broke the glass.

“From the hundreds of kids who auditioned for the commercial to the thousands of viewers and fans who entered the contest, this has been the most entertaining campaign Crystal Glass has ever been involved with,” said Franczek.

“We had such an overwhelming response to the commercial and the contest. It was just amazing how many people took the time to go through the clues on the Crystal Glass Facebook page and Twitter account.

“The kids in the commercial were fantastic and Taylor Hall was truly a pleasure to work with. Our sincerest congratulations go out to Evan Macleod and we hope he enjoys his grand prize vacation.”

Evan and a guest will be treated to a spectacular Mexican getaway from Transat Holidays featuring a 7-night stay at the 5-star all-inclusive Secrets Capri resort in Cancun presented by New West Travel & Cruises. Evan correctly figured out that despite his unassuming nature it was indeed #PrimeTime who broke the glass.

The second-place prize goes to Jay Zaal of Edmonton, Alberta, who receives two tickets to a pro hockey game of his choosing in Edmonton. The third-place price of an autographed Taylor Hall jersey goes to Travis Herring.

All three winners will be contacted via their Twitter account with the instructions on how to claim their prize. Thanks go out to everyone who entered and stay tuned to Crystal Glass’s Facebook and Twitter for news of another exciting ad campaign and contest coming in the very near future.






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