Stepping out of the Shadow

By November 27, 2014News

Travis Sareault / The Mark Consulting & Marketing

The Mark Consulting has been met with great success since its start in 2013, and owes much of this to Dave Pavelich. As son of the company’s namesake, Dave has been a leader within The Mark Consulting since its inception, continuing along his history of being a part of the family business, ever since he joined the workforce at the age of twelve. It wouldn’t be hard to look upon Dave’s success, and view it as the product of something that was handed to him, without effort, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Due to his early immersion in the worlds of business, finance, and marketing, Dave has become an expert in each in his own right, forging his own hard fought path to the success he knows today, as the driving force behind The Mark Consulting’s ceaseless innovation.

Now, at the age of twenty-six, Dave lives each day with the aim of not being average, but to be exceptional. To push himself above and beyond, to continuously grow. This extends into his approach to business, where he strives to make sure The Mark Consulting is just not another marketing company. To always create new strategies, rather than copying existing ones. To innovate, not to mimic. Foremost amongst these, is the idea of accountability. By providing a single source for their clients PR, Marketing, Advertising, and Promotional needs, Dave brings the production of these materials close to home, ensuring the quality of their production, and to further his goal of bringing each of his clients to the number one spot in their respective industries. “Good companies make you think, great companies make you feel” is one of Dave’s favorite quotes, and it has inspired him to prepare marketing designed at evoking emotion, to make his client’s customers ask why they need a product, rather than why they want it.

As it stands, Dave’s vision for the future is bright. He understands that the nature of The Mark Consulting isn’t limited by distance. With his leadership, he sees the company crossing the border into the United States within the next five years, jumping the Atlantic to Europe within the next ten. A future where Superbowl commercials and ads in Time Square count among the services The Mark Consulting provides.

One thing is for certain, with his work ethic, and his drive to make The Mark Consulting a leader in creativity and innovation in the marketing sphere, there is no stopping Dave Pavelich.

Twitter: @DPavelich