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Edmonton, Alberta, November 2018—The Veneer House (10059 118 ST NW Suite 203) has chosen to partner with The Mark Consulting.

“The main point (behind choosing The Mark Consulting) was great reviews by another client, when meeting (with) Mark (Pavelich).  I liked his confidence and knowledge and sufficient attention to my needs,” recalled Ewa Charif, Owner of The Veneer House.

For over 29 years, The Veneer House has been committed to supplying customer service excellence in both ceramic crowns and veneers.

Its founder, Ewa Charif, first honed her craft back in Poznan, Poland, at a dental technology university, before immigrating to Canada 34 years ago.

Asking Charif, what it is that makes The Veneer House successful, “Customer service is number one.  That’s what separates us from our competition.  We take a lot of pride in providing exceptional service.” 

“I am available.  If a patient, or customer contacts me… I’m accessible.”  Always there for her patients, and for dental practices, Ewa is active in the community as well.  It’s determination and infectious spirit that drew Mark Pavelich and The Mark Consulting to her and her business.

The prospect of working with Ewa was one of excitement from Mark Pavelich, CEO of The Mark Consulting.  “When I’m up at four o clock, it’s nice to see people on the same page as me… with the same energy.  These people become partners, and we develop a synergy together to drive success.” “After I seen the lab and how she runs everything, the only thing I could think of, is why would you go any place else”.

Charif, eager to see her business grow, knew that sterling recommendations within the industry would be a catalyst towards achieving new heights.  “The objective is to advertise and promote my business to dentists, which don’t know about me.  And I think- The Mark Consulting will utilize their knowledge in regards to selection of the advertising media.”

“I enjoy boxing… working out.”  Charif, a married mother of two, is dedicated to her craft, with the same intensity and technicality exuded in her pastimes.

While inquiring about what the future holds for her industry, Charif suggests the imminent implementation of digital impressions, rather than physical impressions.

“The Veneer House’s primary customer focus is on dental devices, (and) cosmetic restoration…”

 With all of the changes in the industry during her career, Charif knows what she brings to the table, that’s given her longevity and commerce.  “… I have an eye for colour and shape… patient satisfaction is very important to me.  I have to provide customers with what they want…”  The Mark Consulting is ready for those changes and welcomes a new future, working alongside The Veneer House.

The Veneer House is open Monday through Friday, from 8 AM until 4:30 PM.

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