18 Tips to Get More Twitter Followers

By April 7, 2014News
  1. Post useful, interesting and resourceful content on twitter.

    2. Give a city name. Name your city or region in your profile.
    That way, if you discuss local issues, businesses, or events, people know where
    you are. If you’re tweeting as a business, including your location is essential.
    Even if you link to your complete business website with an address, you still
    need to name your city on your profile.

    3. Keep your posts short enough to retweet. Retweets are the only to get noticed by people who don’t follow you. Therefore, you must make it easyfor your followers to retweet you. Keep your tweets short enough for people to add the RT symbol and your username (@MarkPavelich) or(@TheMarkConsulting)

    4. Add value. The real idea behind this point is don’t post garbage. To build your reputation on Twitter, you and your posts need to add value. You have to give people something they won’t find elsewhere

    5. Post comments on your followers recent tweets, engage and build connections with them. Make good use of @connect feature…

    6. Tweet on topic 80 percent of the time. You can (and should) go off topic from time to time to let your followers know you’re a real person, but stick to your theme in 80 percent of your tweets in order to deliver on the promise you’ve made in your profile.

    7.  Reply to tweets, give thanks to those who take the time to retweet your posts.

    8. Use theme hashtags. One way new Twitter followers might find you is by searching for a term or hashtag. Hashtags are the “pound” (#) symbol (“hash” is the British English name for it) that precede a word or string of words in Twitter. If your theme is marketing, include “#marketing” in some of your tweets and anyone searching for that term will see your posts, my favorites are (#PavelichGrind #THEMFC #TheMarkConsulting).

    9. Make your Twitter presence visible. Link to your Twitter account from Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and your blog, as well as in your business and personal email signatures, depending on whom you want to reach. How else will your friends and close contacts know to follow you?

    10. Jump on trending hashtags. When a hashtag is “trending” in Twitter, it means a lot of people are tweeting with that term. You can find trending hashtags under Trends in the right pane. When you click one, you’ll see what all Twitter users have posted with that hashtag—not just the people you follow. When there’s one that fits your topic of interest, it’s a great opportunity to say something witty or insightful

    11. Use a real photo of yourself or your company logo as Gravatar, not a celebrity figure or an icon.

    12. Follow twitter users who share the same passion and topic interests as you.

    13.  Follow back those who follow you first, make exceptions not to follow non-related
    users, or those who you know will provide little value.

    14.  Share other peoples content on your profile (e.g. tweet other bloggers posts).

    15. Take 20 minutes each day to follow 10 to 20 twitter users.

    16. Host a blog contest and get entrants to follow you on twitter as form of entry into your contest.

    17.  Tweet at people on Friday #FF. Tweeting at people gets their attention and makes them notice you. Twitter has a weekly tradition called Follow Friday. It’s nothing more than a shoutout. People take a moment on Fridays to recognize Twitter users they like or find relevant or whom they are newly following.

    18. Post  questions, news and announcements on twitter

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