What separates The Mark from other agencies?

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What makes The Mark Consulting & Marketing different from all other agencies?

Most, if not all other marketing & advertising agencies produce ads while leaving you to do all the hard work, which is to promote and spread the word on the specific product or service that you are looking to market.

At The Mark Consulting you will receive the “M” Club service which includes more efficient & creative advertising whether it is print ads, online promotional videos or television grade commercial production, plus we will take the advertising to market & promote your campaign for “ReMarkable Results.” This includes On-going social media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) with weekly banner designs for online use; this is unheard of in the advertising & marketing industry.

While working with other marketing agencies you will notice that they will take on your competitors as clients, frankly they will take on anyone who pays them.

At The Mark Consulting we only take one client from each industry, giving you an edge over all your competitors & giving us the opportunity to really show off our skills by bringing you our client to the number one spot in your respected industry, because we pride ourselves on “ReMarkable Results”

Tired of having to go to multiple agencies for each and every aspect of your “Marketing” needs?

One agency takes care of graphic / web design, the other advertising/ media buying, the other commercial production, the other public relations, the other promotional products, another for social media, one more for strategy, marketing & SEO and finally another one for staff motivation & team building. That must be completely exhausting & hard to keep track off!

The Mark Consulting is a one stop for all of these services! Plus more! One phone call to make, more accountability, and the best part is we don’t charge astronomical prices for results you can’t even count on, we provide an on-going yearly service with tangible results! That’s why we hold the accounts for some of the biggest businesses around!

Hire The Mark Consulting today & join the “M” club before your competitors do!
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