What makes up a good marketing campaign?

By September 25, 2015Blogposts, Uncategorized

Marketing isn’t any one thing, it’s a body of work, it’s a master piece, and it’s an art form to mix creativity, psychology & strategy to connect emotionally with a targeted group of humans. I don’t believe too many people in my field perceive the world as I do, but then again no two persons are exactly the same, making our job that much more difficult.
I love a challenge. If you have a challenge for me please email me at: Dave@TheMarkConsulting.com I love to fix and avoid problems and I will do my best to help you out with complimentary business advice.
Anyway, here’s what I believe makes up a good advertising campaign, which I divide up quarterly, different campaigns for different seasons.
Generally speaking it should have the following.
1) Social Media Management: Your business should be on all social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, and Linked In, plus there’s more! It’s very time consuming, there’s a lot of strategy involved between creating content, when to post, what kind of language to use, and also to figure out what else to talk about other than your business. People will unfollow you if all you push is informercials.

2) Social Media Buying: Now that you’re on social media, and you’ve created enough content & you have an interesting page, it’s time to learn how to collect metrics, and how to use psychographics to purchase paid advertising ads on these social media platforms. I say this all the time… You need proper visuals to get any positive results on your bounce rate!

3) People Talking: Word to mouth is still one of the most powerful tools in marketing today. You can tell the world how great you are no one will believe you, but if a third party starts saying you’re the best thing since sliced bread with Nutella spread, people will start jumping on your band wagon.

4) Subliminal messaging: The media does it, Hollywood does it, dictators do it, and they do it for a reason, psychological warfare is real, knowing when and where to brand your business, is an absolute crucial “Touch.” When I refer to touch, I mean a connection, a “reach out” to a customer or future customer by any one of these stated points.

5) Website traffic/ blogs: Think about what websites you frequent, now how many times a day or at the very least a week is it updated with new content? My point is already made, if you want people to spend time or money on your site, you need to first figure out how to bring them there and then the most important part you have to figure out how to keep them there.

6) Video’s: Approximately 65% of the world’s population are visual learners, and you don’t think commercials, documentary style videos, and customer engagement videos are crucial? We spend about 6 Billion hours on YouTube a month, and you don’t think having your own channel is important?

7) Original Content: enough said.

8) Good graphics, good language to connect emotionally with your target markets.

9) Digital Signs: It’s just another “touch.” And it also counts as a subliminal hit as well, plus a lot of strategy is taken into consideration with location and placement of the sign.

10) Guerilla Tactics: Pounding the pavement, talking to the public, contests, print, door knockers, promotional products etc.…

11) Our special formula of allocating a great budget over different advertising platforms from all levels! This is my secret sauce. I can’t give you the recipe for it just yet!

12) 75% of this campaign shouldn’t feel like an “Ad” it should feel like a connection, we have to relate to a product, service, or person before we can TRUST. Branding = Trust.

Written by: Dave Pavelich, Business Consultant
Social: @DPavelich