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What if I told you that most people never actually want to be successful? It’s actually true, believe it or not a scary high percentage of people do not want to find their passion and do it, they don’t want to live that dream they have had from childhood, they don’t want to even be happy, not even a little…

What if’s are two sided. Side A is what I mentioned above, it is a list of excuses, endless excuses, of why something WILL NOT WORK… It drives me CRAZY when people start dropping what if’s like this all over the place. The argument is that “Hey I am just being realistic!” Well that is a stupid argument… Yes ok be realistic, you probably won’t be president of the USA if you weren’t born there… However wanting to run your own business around a talent or passion you have is not that far fetched!!!

Side B of the What if tape is a lot better to deal with, “What if I actually did this?” Careful now, you don’t want to go back to side A after saying this, but allow yourself to believe!!! YES WHAT IF YOU BELIEVED!?! What is possible? What could you achieve? What if you SUCCEEDED!?!

Really when we ask the question “What If” we HAVE to check ourselves, am I coming at this question from a place of belief, or a place of fear? If it is a place of fear, good luck succeeding, you probably don’t even want to… But on the flip side, well if you actually believed? WOW it won’t be long before your “what if” turns into a “what IS”.

By Mark Pavelich President CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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