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So says a search engine optimization anyway. Put like college football rankings these numbers are often very disputable. Rankings, much like your Top 25 teams, can at times be more about myth than accuracy.
It’s true you want your site to beat the other guy’s. You want to be seen and heard from more than your competitor which in turn is intended to bring in more business. This applies to both e-commerce and tradition companies alike.
A standard search is usually done by Google. But by buying ads and manipulating the system, your organic listing may get pushed down the page. In the end, #1 may appear to be #6, but truthfully it has been dropped by false rankings. Rankings, therefore, are not 100% accurate.
Rankings can vary from person to person and more often than not from location to location. Who and where you are can entirely dictate a ranking.
Search engines utilize a searcher’s IP address or cell signal to deliver results. So again, where you are at can very much sway rankings. What’s #1 in my part of the country is quite likely not going to be #1 where you live.
Rankings can also be manuvred by the very device you are using to search as well. Whatever your particular choice of device might be – smartphone, tablet or desktop – can shake up the rankings. Same thing goes for past history usage on your device as well. So if you’re a regular user of Gmail, your rankings will likely have been swayed by Google. If you’re on Yahoo for email, Yahoo’s search could yield very different results than Google.
Social content is another swayer of SEO results. If you’re attached in some way to a specific company or product via your Facebook and Twitter feeds, it’s quite possible they can affect what pops to the top. And SEO’s can be affected by demographics. Your profile is going to default to 18 to 22-year-old male, which of course, is going to bring a certain set results that are going to be very different than say a 40 to 50-year-old female.
When it’s all wrapped up, rankings can mean a lot but they can also be very subjective to almost everything regarding the searcher themselves. Rankings are personalized but not to perfection and should certainly not be the foremost and final verdict on what business is truly the best or most popular.
It’s a key indicator but not the judge and jury.

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