Is your website making you money?

By June 15, 2016Blogposts

If you’re not making money with your website it’s time to make some changes. Your online presence is very important no matter what industry you’re in, the whole world is connected via the internet and it’s time you & your business starts capitalizing on this opportunity.

Frequent Changes:

If you want people to come back and visit your site more than once you need to have updates, a news section, change your layout & create interesting content. Your visuals and graphics need to be speaking directly to your target market, make sure your language is clear, crisp & to the point.

Customer Service:

I can’t stress this enough! We live in a world where there’s a lot of competition in every industry, if you’re not giving your customer a positive user experience they will go someplace else, sorry but that’s just the nature of the game these days. Ask your customers how you can be better; make sure you have a smooth checkout system. Make it easy to create an account, do not let people browse and shop first, and when they go to check out they have to make an account, always make people create an account prior to shopping with you. Use surveys to your advantage, create a contest or some sort of giveaway to make people actually want to fill out your survey.

Click through / bounce rate:

Do you have a proper call to action? Are your buttons positioned in the most rewarding sections of your landing page? Are they the right size & the right colours? All these factors play a major role if someone is going to purchase a product or service from your site. Create subscription based newsletters for your email marketing as a tactic for future sales & free information.

Mobile Friendly:

Not everyone has a laptop or desktop these days but almost everyone is connected with a mobile device. Did you know? That 33% of online sales come from someone’s mobile device this includes phones and tablets. Make sure your website is easy to use from a small device, this is going to be a make it or break it function for your business.

Secure Checkouts:

Do you have the proper technology in place to make your customers feel safe while shopping with you? You need to reassure your clients with safe checkout procedures, your online reputation is everything. Make sure you are protecting your customer’s personal information.

If you’re looking to re-design and or put any of these systems listed above into place please do not hesitate to call us at 780.758.1632 at The Mark Consulting main office, we will gladly assist you and put a plan together to firstly create an easy to navigate website with clear goals & targets while showing you how to create more organic web traffic.

Written By: Dave Pavelich