We are not a social media firm

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Yes, we are on all social media platforms. Yes, we handle all the social media management for all our clients. Yes, we are a marketing firm that strongly pushes everyone to be on all social media…Because it works and it is one of the best resources in today’s market for cost effectiveness & ROI… But we are not just a social media firm!

We are a full service MARKETING firm who actually PROMOTES our clients on all levels! We handle media buying & push all kinds of different advertising mediums including promotional products…Which we offer!
I’m tired of hearing people build barriers between different marketing tactics like “Digital” marketing vs. “Traditional” marketing, marketing is marketing you must integrate all kinds of different ideas and mediums to reach the masses, you cannot rely on any one thing or platform.

We created The Mark Consulting for one reason and one reason only to keep our clients at the “Top of Mind” of their industry. We saw huge holes in how marketing firms in this day and age handle their business. Other companies seem to only care about one thing and that’s billing, billing astronomical numbers for inconsistent and unreliable work. Marketing firms today think they can just create “Ideas” and “Concepts” and then just hand it to their clients and say here you go, now go let people know! We do the opposite we create your website, we handle your social media, we create all the graphics, visuals and videos and then we PROMOTE IT. We let people know about your business!

It’s the new age of marketing, where you need to stay consistent with your brands message while staying fresh with new visuals daily. We live in a fast paced society, look at the music industry for a second, you use to wait years for an album and then you use to listen to that album over and over for years until a new album came out, these days people listen to an album once or twice and they’re ready to listen to the next one. People are spoiled with content, so how can you keep a balance between new marketing materials while keeping a consistent message?

1) Use social media to test your ads, on social media you need to come up with different graphics on a daily basis. Test your visuals by buying ads, use psychographics and collect the metrics, find out what is most popular for your target market and transfer this style of ad and the message you used into billboards, print ads, promotional product. You can also use that concept to build videos. Scale back on print advertising and focus more on social media & video.

2) TV & Radio isn’t dead! It may have been wounded but it definitely won’t be dying anytime soon. What you need to do is have a better strategy when it comes to media buying, since you can go broke FAST with very expensive advertising! If you read my last blog you would have noticed I put a lot of emphasis on psychology and media buying is where psychology plays the biggest part.

We use Marketing Integration in every sense of the word at The Mark Consulting, which means communicating a consistent identity from message to message and having the intellect to know that all forms of advertising work to some level, you just need to know when and how to use your resources and tools which is something our team has mastered.

Technology is always evolving that’s why you can’t listen to someone calling themselves a “Guru” I’m a student of the game and I am always learning, the greatest thing about technology is that it offers so many creative options and it is so fast paced that it forces you to keep up.
Look out for my video on YouTube called we’re not just a social media firm which will be coming out very soon! Thanks for reading, have a great day!
Written by: Dave Pavelich

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