Wake Up Already!

By October 1, 2018Blogposts

The coffee pot drips, and your eyes are closed, preserving dreams you’re too busy to achieve.  Fingertips dance on the snooze button, and your shoes sit idly in the closet, smelling like they’re fresh from the box.

You’re at the office, and you keep checking emails, looking at social media posts to see if anyone likes that post you shared. Time progresses, and you’re not.

You go for lunch.  You opt for burgers and fries, because, “… on the weekend, I’ll do some meal prep.”  You always say that though.  It just doesn’t seem to ever happen for you.

The afternoon comes and you tell yourself that the justified burger and fries can be nullified by a hard workout at that gym you have a membership to.  Your card looks new.  No one knows you there.  You’ll start going next week- once you’ve completed your meal prep.

You get home, and feel the weight of the day on your shoulders.  You sit down on the couch, pull out your phone and order food from Uber Eats or Skip The Dishes.  “Looks like Netflix and chill,” you tell yourself.  The promise of a good night’s rest is nixed by episode 7 of that show you’re binging on.  It’s now 12:37 AM, and you’re fast tracked to having yet another late night. You’ll get 6 hours of sleep- if you’re lucky.  Where did the day go?

Your alarm sounds.  You could wake up, and get a few things done before you leave for work.  You could make yourself a proper breakfast or lunch.  You could get to the office early…

You hit the snooze button.  Your day repeats the day before.

Stop saying you’re busy.  You just don’t know how to manage your time.  And you sleep too much!

By @MarkPavelich /The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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