How to use Instagram for your Business

By May 6, 2016Blogposts

If you are looking to catch the teen and 20 somethings market, Instagram is your best bet. This social media network has grown to over 450 million users and is growing by the day. Research shows that it is the most popular social network with the 15-24 yrs. bracket.

Instagram is photo/video heavy which makes it very engaging. They say a picture is worth a thousand pictures and marketing on Instagram is bound to have a powerful impact for your business. So how can a business go about making a successful marketing campaign on Instagram?

#1 Hashtags

Hashtags are phenomena within social media to represent an issue, object or meme. Making use of hashtags is necessary in Instagram as content will be indeed and linked by hashtags. Innovative hashtags make a big impression. You can use several hashtags for the same posting. A good mix of hashtags for a pizzeria on a Thursday would be #pizzatings #TBTpizza # Pizzadiscount. You can search for trending hashtags on populagram and find ways of twisting them to your campaign

#2 Tagging and mentioning

Tagging is associating your fans with great posts. You can tag your fans in great photos of your workplace. Mentioning them in your posts is a step further in making your customers feel part of the brand.

Geo tagging is a feature that allows associating your content with a locality. Showing people within your locality what is on offer might just pull more of them in.

#3 Show off product/staff

Being a visual centric platform, Instagram gives even the smallest company the chance to compete with heavyweights. Content is king and the higher the quality, the better the pulling power. Take good HD photos and videos and get creative with the various filters to make great creative content. There are many tools for editing Instagram like Quick, Layout and Afterlight among others

#4 Engage the audience

Keep your customers engaged in ways like creating contests. If you are a restaurant, you could make a contest for the fan who shares your posts the most to get a free pizza.  You can also cross share content between Instagram and Facebook. This will ensure that your fans on Facebook will be included in the marketing campaign without a duplicate effort.

#5 Analyze your performance

You can assess how your campaign is going by using apps like IconoSquare. This will give an idea of your mentions, reposts, shares, likes and so on. You can then decide if the campaign needs change or is successful as it is.

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by Mark Pavelich President & Ceo The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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