How to Use Fiverr for your Startup Business

By October 25, 2016Blogposts

Your biggest challenges as a startup will be capital and manpower. A startup will need a good website, branding, content and visibility.  All these cost money when done by professionals, cash which you need more to stock up or meet capital expenditures like furniture. Discovering Fiverr could make a huge impact on these two needs. Getting professional services at $5 is what your startup badly needs.

Business planning

Your startup is bound to fail if you don’t have a clear business plan. Sellers like businessp4u will do it in 24 hours for the $5. Enrich your plans with Market, Industry & Competitive Analysis (advice), Products, Services, Pricing Strategy, Website Strategy, Marketing Strategy, SWOT Analysis, Marketing Goals, Marketing Mix, and Core Strategy. Sound strategy will give you a reference point as your business grows.

Website design

A professional website is mandatory if you plan on being visible to a wider market. If you plan to sell online, you need a site that will manage your stock movement. Having a website is not good enough. You will need to make it visible on search engines like Google.  You can get fully functioning ecommerce sites complete with SEO for $5 from sellers on Fiverr like ecommerce_shop.

You will have to keep adding content to your site to keep it relevant and updated. You can engage content writers on Fiverr to write blog articles and other content like eBooks.

Branding and Publicity

Your business has to be unique to be easily identified by your customers and also grow loyalty. Branding includes making an attractive logo and choosing your theme colors. You can get graphic designers on Fiverr to do this.

Making your business brand and products well known will involve digital marketing techniques like social media marketing. There are sellers on Fiverr who are willing to do this publicity using their well followed social media networks affordably.

Virtual assistant

You may not have enough cash to employ an employee to return customer calls, emails and so on. Again you can turn to Fiverr for these services. You will get more flexible and affordable services that you can pay by hour without engaging in the paperwork hassle of a full time employee.

Legal advice

You may need to draw up business contracts from time to time. Hiring counsel is many at times an expensive affair. You can look for legal services on Fiverr for, contracts and litigation advice.

Fiverr can keep your startup costs low while giving you access to top professionals for essential services needed by a startup.

By Mark Pavelich President CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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