Twitter Still Has a Massive Business Opportunity for Your Company

By February 21, 2019Blogposts

Twitter now allows 280 characters, old news. Did you know that you could utilize the 280 characters to join the tweeting frenzy to promote your offering and keep watch of your competitors? Twitter platform is no longer just a platform to connect and harvest new prospects.

Twitter is a microblogging tool. As of the fourth quarter of 2018, the micro-blogging service averaged at 321 million monthly active users.

Here are ways to use the Twitters massive opportunities to promote your company

Start conversations with your target market

Unlike other platforms, you can start a conversation with complete strangers on Twitter without looking as if you are stalking them. You only need to look for people talking about topics that are similar to your offering and join the conversation.

While you do so, ensure that your Twitter page is current with the right contact information, logos, and pictures. People in your conversation will go back to your page for more information.

Connect with your customers and listen to them

The clients that follow you on twitter like what you say. They respond to your tweets and share your stand with others. Make them your brand ambassadors. Engage with them and share their tweets. They will do the same to your tweets helping you reach a larger audience.

 Follow the influencers and other ‘good’ people

Establish your authority in your area by connecting with influencers in your market. Follow the industry think tanks, thought leaders and the competition. Create credibility online by creating a rapport with the members of these groups.

Be careful of the people that you follow. You had better follow a few people with the positive influence on your blog than follow hundreds that have no impact or have a negative impact on your brand.

Tell them what you are doing at the organization 

Are you merging with competitors or related business, acquisitions or collaborating with others on a given project? Let your audience know on Twitter. You can also tell them other non-business related company information such as team building activities, thanksgiving service and birthday parties. I advise that you use such an opportunity to bring more traffic to your site. The more the news become popular, the more the people that come to your site.

 Take advantages of the massive opportunities at Twitter to grow your business.

P.S- It’s no secret it’s still my favorite Social Media handle.

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