Twitter is not dead: Long live Twitter for Business

By May 11, 2016Blogposts

Twitter is lovely and easy to use. 140 characters and your message is out there in the world. With over 310 million users, the prospect of a creative message going viral is always near. Some Twitter users have felt constrained by the 140 characters and written off marketing on Twitter. They have declared Twitter dead as a marketing platform not recognizing the rich opportunities the micro-blogging platform presents.

As a business user of Twitter, you must be creative and always engage the audience in the fast changing world of hashtags. The business stands to reap big from using Twitter.

#1 Market Research

Twitter has businesses talking their brands, competitors, customer incentives and so much more to get ahead. Researching on Twitter about competitors yields a wealth of information that could otherwise be possible only by expensive consultation.

Feedback on new products or services is also very quick on Twitter. You can monitor the comments and read the mood of the market. You could also organize polls to gauge the likeability of the product or service.

#2 Lead generation

There are plenty of business opportunities on Twitter with people tweeting about needing or wanting such and such. With the right keyword search tools it is possible to locate potential clients for your business and contact them. Converting the numbers to sales is very easy thereafter with any incentives and promotions.

#3 Enforcing brand loyalty

You can stay engaged with your customers without expensive advertising. In a world of multiple brands and stiff competition, a tweet a day will make your customers feel appreciated and increase their loyalty to your brand.

#4 Better customer service

Having a twitter handle that your customers reach to for complaints and comments can better your customer service in a big way. It gives you a platform to reply to your customers and solve their problems quicker. This makes the customer feel response is better than having to sit through phone answering machines that go nowhere.

#5 Events marketing

With possibilities of geo targeting, Twitter is very ideal for marketing events.  You can put out the event ads along with the website to make the registration. Twitter has been seen to be a powerful mobilization tool for example in bringing together flash mobs, protests and so on.

#6 Media relations

Putting out press releases has become much easier with Twitter instead of the traditional journalists, pens and mikes. It is a quick way to react to events making reputation management better.

by Mark Pavelich President CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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