Tips to Help You Find a Great Graphic Designer

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With all the Graphic Design companies available, it can get extremely confusing. There is no need for you to bite your nails, we are going to give you a guideline of what to look for and what to avoid.
Why is it so important to hire a capable graphic designer? If you want your company to survive, make sales, and have your customers refer their friends to your company, then you need a skilled graphic designer who can make your website not just pleasing to the eye but functions just as well. Let’s face it customers want an eye pleasing experience. We buy what pleases us visually. Which means if the landing page of your site is cluttered or too busy, customers are moving on to another business that is more pleasant; also if your company’s page doesn’t offer enough the same is true.
Why your business needs to have an excellent graphic designer
Do not think that your business only needs a graphic designer for a website. You will want to have that same graphic designer do your website, business cards, and social media marketing, whatever you use to get your company out there. You do not want a customer to land on your website that looks great and then see your social media pages for your website that are horrible and do not match the website. The customer will see that the ugly unkempt social media pages as an extension on the rest of your business.
Your company wants people to see all its marketing material as belonging to a clean, updated company that takes care of its customers. If a potential customer sees a page, business card, social site that is neither up to date nor clean, they will go elsewhere, especially these days where everything is centered on instant gratification.
All the things you are looking to make your website gain an edge and marketing it online, make sure it is consistent. That consistency can only be achieved if you choose a graphic designer who is capable of handling all aspects of graphic designing. Now the things you don’t want are exactly the reverse. Here is our guide to find a graphic design company.
Where to find that graphic design company

1. Recommendations – ask people in your social network, your coworkers, even family and friends. Take notes on the recommendations ask them to rate the company on a scale of 1 to 10; don’t forget to ask about support, prices, did the graphic company finish the job on time? These are all important to your company’s decision on who to hire for graphic design.

2. Social Media – This is a good time to remember your social networking, again ask the people in your network for the same recommendations and add to the notes you have already taken.

3. Look at local website designer reviews to get an idea of what company has been offering successful designing services and more.

4. Look at blogs concerning graphic design take note of what they recommend, add to your notes. Now is the time go through your notes and see which companies have been recommended the most and why, in other words you will be narrowing down that list of graphic design companies.

5. Check out the websites of Graphic Design companies from the list you narrowed down to narrow it down further if you need to. You may only have 3 choices on your list or you may have 10 you’ll want to narrow it down to the top 3 on your list.

6. Talk to the top 3 on your list. Discuss prices, work style, etc. again take notes.
Now it is time for your company to make the actual choice of which graphic design company that you will hire. While we can help you start the search with pointers and tips, it is not easy to pick the graphic design company for you. You know your business and what you want it to look like better than anyone else. The main thing is to do your research outlined in our list above, then choose the one that suits the needs of your company best. The Mark Consulting and Marketing Company offers its customers with full internet marketing and consulting service packages. So why look elsewhere when you have a company offering full web services right under your nose.

By Mark Pavelich President Ceo The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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