Time for a fight!

By January 26, 2018Blogposts

Well I might not have been the toughest guy in school, actually that award belonged to the guy that challenged me to a fight, after school at 3:20 PM, and it was only 9 AM… 9 AM!!! If I wasn’t nervous enough & extremely passive at that time in my life, I had to think about it all day long too! Well fortunately for myself, I turned the tables, and this lesson is one we all should learn!

Everyone knew this guy was the toughest kid in school, especially me, but rather than try to avoid the situation, I told EVERYONE. Seriously, I told every single person I saw “3:20 in the park, be there after school, I am gonna fight this guy!” No one told me that he wanted to fight, I told them before he had the chance! So every class this guy went someone told him, “Hey Mark Pavelich is going to fight you after school!” He must have thought, “Is there something I don’t know about this guy? Why would he tell everyone?”

The time came, typically a fight after school brought 50 spectators, no joke this fight brought in the majority of the school, 1500 kids came out to see what would happen! I told everyone, I didn’t keep it a secret, I was scared YES, but I knew if I could turn the tables on him, his advantage of fear would be lost, and with that, his confidence.

There are a lot of lessons I learned from that day, but the one of shouting what was going to happen from the rooftops was the greatest. How do you treat your business? Are you too afraid to tell everyone? Are you worried someone bigger is going to see you? It doesn’t matter, if you want success, you have to start by telling EVERYONE!

By Mark Pavelich President CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing 

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