The clock is ticking. Waiting for good things to happen doesn’t work.

By September 26, 2022Blogposts

Children who depend on their parents for all they want in life might benefit from the proverb that good things come to those who wait. You must set out to obtain whatever you want and hope for in the world once you have control over your own life.

You’ll undoubtedly need to exercise patience, for example, when waiting for a callback following an interview, but you shouldn’t sit about aimlessly waiting for your phone to ring. You’ll get what you sow in this world, so make the most of the sunshine while it lasts (ouch, two metaphors in one line). I’m sorry.

Stop making excuses!

I’m too worn out. I’m pressed for time. I’m not competent. There will be a substitute. It’s already too late. The time is not right now. I’m not gifted. I’m not prepared. Too terrified, I say. No one will assist me. What if I mess up? I’m lacking motivation. I’d like to remain idle. I don’t yet have the money!

Making up reasons to put off starting anything is simple. You have less time to act the longer you spend thinking up excuses and meaningless justifications.

Saying “I’ll begin when I have more experience, money, time, and resources” is simple. You’ll have a lot more justifications by this time next year. There is a cycle. It may also be challenging to break away and accomplish something important that you care about once you’ve become caught up in the system.

Many individuals go through their entire lives never getting up and going outside. But it’s thrilling to see the uncommon few who brave to leave their comfort zones and work for a change.

Most of us hold onto the obstinate belief that we will always have tomorrow to finish the task we started today. We persistently cling to this conviction and continue to put off doing our task until it weighs heavily on us.

Go ahead and begin
“Starting is the key to moving forward. The key to getting started is to divide large, intimidating jobs into smaller, more doable ones before beginning the first one.

by @MarkPavelich CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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