The business behind the music.

By August 28, 2015Blogposts

I can’t explain the incredible experience of being in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by beautiful souls, while watching the world’s biggest names in music today, live in concert!
Music festivals will make you fall in love with positive energy and good vibes; it’s amazing to witness people jamming out to Ludacris then walking over to see Diplo, and skrillex. People love music, all of  it, every kind from rap to Electronic, to rock, indie, heavy metal, you name it! Music festivals bring people together.
The music industry is now selling what everyone in the world should be selling and that’s a lifestyle. We are human, we all want to thrive & the internet has made that possible. The online world has no borders. If you bring value, you can live a life that you’ve always dreamed of.
That’s what independent rap artists are doing, and they are making millions online while doing concerts &  holding out from signing with the big record labels. Music festivals are the fuel to that fire, they are allowing young new artist to hit global markets by branding them around the world in these huge festivals, the artist then in turn can bridge the gap by connecting with all their fans via social media.
Everything is integrated back to an online world, CD’s are almost obsolete, downloading & streaming music is what all the new generation of consumers are doing, and the same concept applies to the movie industry, next time you see an HMV, look at how they downsized or see what kind of products they have evolved to selling to even stay in business.
Everything is a market, and we are all data, I played a new sport called Spikeball at a friend’s cabin 2 weeks back and fell in love with the sport, YouTube it <- see what I did there, everything is online! Anyway so I came home and searched it, I logged into Facebook after I did the search and an ad to buy the game pops up, the computer collects all the data, they know us! What do you think I did? I bought the game!!
Collecting the data is easy, it’s the bounce rate we need to worry about, and to improve bounce rate, you need to figure out the best way to communicate your message without shouting but by engaging with your target market, and that all comes down to the visuals, the message, the mission, and the strategy of the campaign.
It’s learning not to be a problem solver but being a problem avoider. It’s cliché but it’s true; everything is marketing & I want to be your, everything.
Dave Pavelich, Business Consultant
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