Why telling your story is your ONLY option.

By February 7, 2018Blogposts

Hey if you have not heard it’s 2018, so tell me WHY are people still trying to sell me like they are on a 1998 infomercial!?!? When are we going to get with the times? We are SICK of being “sold” to. We hate being pushed into buying. And we REALLY hate the idea of being suckered. So what’s left? We still have to sell right? Yes we do, but it has to be done DIFFERENT!

Personally I love that the old way of selling has come to an end, it will really separate those that are in there to swindle you, and will reveal those that you actually WANT to give your money to! How is this done? How do you sell in 2018? You HAVE to tell your story.

We have evolved to a place of caring (a little anyway) and because we are caring, we really want to give money to people that we connect with. Think about the popularity of kickstarter (the crowd funding website) people who have a product take to the website, and tell the STORY of how and why they invented their company. People all over the world who connect with the idea GIVE THEIR MONEY TO IT! Weird right?

Not really weird actually, it’s smart. Now don’t sit there and think “well my story is so boring” because that is ridiculous, YOU have a story, and the problem is you have heard it a million times, because you lived it. HOWEVER no one else has heard OR lived it, SO TELL IT!

And if you sit there and say “I don’t know where to start, or how to tell this story…” Well fortunately for you, The Mark Consulting and Marketing is ready to tell your story for you.

By Mark Pavelich President CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing 

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