Success is Much More Than Just Education

By June 29, 2016Blogposts

The value of good education can never be underestimated and there can never be a time when one is said to be over-educated. Going to college and getting a good degree is a wonderful thing. Degrees to some extent are necessary for professional career. In the real world however, a degree is not going to equip you adequately and prepare you for success. Education will never teach you how to keep a cool head during moments of high pressure. If you want to be successful, you must be adaptable. Success is a culmination of a number of factors and while your education matters, you can only achieve success after years of determination. Here are some essential tips that will help you be successful.

Success Comes From a Positive Attitude

Of course you will not be successful simply because you have positive thoughts. Nonetheless, almost every entrepreneur that has become successful went through moments when they experienced hindrances that threw the spanner in the works for them. Without staying positive during such moments, without staying motivated, they probably would not have made it. But they remained positive and focused and got to where they are today.

Successful People Have Certain Distinguishing Habits

If you want to know where anyone will be tomorrow, you only have to look at their habits today. Successful people have habits that are very distinctive from unsuccessful people. Once they get into these habits, it is almost impossible for them to change and this guarantees them success. Bad habits will keep you from success, while good habits developed over the years will lead to your success. Creating habits that continue to push you towards success is essential because once ingrained, you position yourself for success. To make it in life, you must be consistent. Breaking bad habits is never easy but replacing the bad with the good is a huge challenge too.

Successful People are Goal Oriented

Goals are very important for successful people. If you do not have a solid plan of execution for your success, regardless of how well educated you are, you will not be a success. You must have goals that are specific and measurable. Your goals must also be reasonable, achievable and time specific. Your goals must also be created on a multiple scale. You should have short term; medium term and long term goals and you must have a plan for executing these goals. Short term goals will take you to medium goals and medium goals will take you to long term goals. If you managed to achieve excellence in education, you are only too aware of the need to achieve excellence in life and you are definitely aware that this takes purpose, planning and timely execution.

by Mark Pavelich President & Ceo The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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