Snapchat Is a Marketing Opportunity for Artists

By March 7, 2016Blogposts

With the increased usage of smart devices, more apps have been developed over time. Many social networking apps have taken over as marketing tools for companies that are looking for new methods to market their companies online. Snapchat is one of the apps that has gained popularity in the past few months and is taking over as an important tool for many people including artists. If used properly and wisely, Snapchat can offer artists a popular venue to connect with their fans and create a personal connection that will help promote their creation.
If you are an artist in the music or any other industry, snapchat getting popularity in recent months has presented a golden opportunity to connect with their target audience. Any people are not aware of what this app is all about. Snapchat is an evolving social app that lets its users to share images and videos with their selected audience. But unlike other apps and social media sites, this app self-destructs any pictures or videos shared within 24 hours of uploading. Another good thing about this application is that it allows personal, friendlier and more direct relationship with the fans as compared to other apps. It also presents an opportunity to get more long term fans through word of mouth generation. Using snapchat to the best of its ability can help artists build on their fan base and even grow in time. Some of the ways you can use snapchat are:

Creating content and teasers:
Many artists benefit from creating teasers and promotional campaigns that will market their upcoming project to their fans. Snapchat helps by creating awareness and hype for the project even before it is released. Showing partial 10 second clips that will go away or even putting up photos is a good way to advertise an upcoming project that will keep the fans engaged and on their toes wanting more. Giving them little bits and pieces makes them want to come back for more. Creating videos while working back stage or on a current project helps to keep your target audience engaged and gets you their loyalty in the long run.

Creating contests and promotional codes
Another way to keep the fans engaged is by creating special promotional codes that may help them unlock a video or image from their website. Offering discount is another way to market your upcoming project. Putting up images of promo codes or small video with contest info through snapchat can keep fans hooked and participating much more than otherwise. They will be checking snapchat regularly for details and coming back more regularly than before.
Enhance the experience of the fans
Snapchat provides an entertaining and unique platform to develop a close relationship with target audience by offering personal pictures, posts and small video clips that will be gone within a certain time period. It gives the fans the feel of having something special with the artist when they share pictures from behind the scenes. It helps them connect with the artist on more personal level and gives them the feeling of being included in their special moments.

Boosting Word of mouth
Artists can now get more publicity from word of mouth through their snapchat fans. Adding upcoming project images and small clips keeps the audience not only involved but also excited to a point where they go and discuss their thoughts with their friends and family. This offers word of mouth promotion for the artist giving it a big boost and creating hype for the upcoming project. Thus putting up engaging backstage and upcoming project teasers that will disappear in time will keep fans excited and engrossed in your online activities.

Getting target audience attention
Since snapchat posts get self destructed after 24 hours, any content posted by artists for their fans can be valuable for them. Many do not want to miss anything new being posted and this makes them more attentive to the images and small video clips being posted. This factor contributes to making the app unique and its content more valuable to customers than other social apps such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram which can be revisited later to see the content posted, or miss some important marketing content while scrolling past them.

Using snapchat for your advantage
Since snapchat has not been overused by businesses and services who are now just understanding the importance of using the app for internet marketing, it presents a unique angle that can be explored to build on the fan base for artists. Start by creating Snapchat account and start promoting your new projects before the app gets overused and loses its charm as a marketing tool.
There are many different ways to create and implement a marketing strategy through snapchat application. Hiring a professional online marketing company can go a long way in reaching the right target audience and promoting your projects in this digital era. The Mark Consulting and Marketing Company offers experience and insights into various marketing tactics to get your audience engaged and interested on not only snapchat but various other social networking platforms.

by Mark Pavelich Ceo President The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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