Sacrificial Lambs

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“Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week.”  Lori Greiner

In a 9-5 world, you’re working 7 hours, taking an hour for lunch, and two- fifteen minute breaks- as allotted by management.  If you’re lucky, you are the management.  You run the show.  But you’re still not eating, sleeping and breathing your work to make it something greater- or even, to make yourself greater.

Most of us in the corporate world are putting in 8 hours a day, but are vastly unproductive for at least a few of those hours.  We sometimes go for coffee runs, browse the internet, chat with colleagues, or even take bathroom breaks- just so that we can break up our day.  You, like me, have probably even witnessed a colleague sitting in a bathroom stall, using up 20 minutes of company time with their fictitious diarrhea, so that they can peruse their phones.  It’s contagious, that cellular “diarrhea”.

I didn’t get to live this lifestyle and be the person that I am today because it was easy.  It was never easy.  Most days, it hurt.  There were days I wanted to give up.  Quit.  Take my ball and go home.  But through the adversity, the anguish and the formidable disappointments, there were also small wins.  Each and every time I got to taste success, it never came without sacrifice.  I began to appreciate things more, however. 

You see- a win doesn’t taste as good as a hard fought win, just as a loss can make you appreciate winning even more.  If something seems too easy, I want to work even harder because I know that it probably won’t work.  It shouldn’t work

Success doesn’t come easily.  It’s unrelenting.  If you think you’re making sacrifices, essential to your success, take a moment for pause.  Ask yourself, “Am I doing all I could?  Is this sufficient, or is it more than that?” 

Think about it.  When was the last time you cried from failure, broke something out of frustration, or fought for something?  If you can’t answer honestly, you’re only fooling yourself. 

When you have the passion for something, you’ll sacrifice it all to achieve your goals.  Others will see you celebrating, and they won’t realize how much you went through prior to the culmination of your success. 

You won’t get it by watching the clock, thinning out the day with menial tasks and slight-of-hand corporate-slacker-trickery. 

Do you want it?  Fight for it.  It’ll be the hardest, most rewarding thing you’ve ever done.  But guess what will be harder?  Not doing anything, and then one day, looking back and wishing you had.

By @MarkPavelich CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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