How to Run a Successful Facebook Contest

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Having a Facebook presence that actually improves your business performance and probability involves doing well thought out campaigns. Facebook contests are a good way of increasing Facebook presence and promoting the business and products or services easily. What does it take to run a successful campaign?

#Clear goals

What does the contest intend to achieve?

  • Increased fan engagement
  • Lead generation
  • Attracting website traffic
  • Improved brand awareness
  • More Facebook likes

Knowing the goals of your contest is crucial as it will help set the type of contest to run and the content to use.

#Contest type

The type of contest to run will depend on the goals and the Facebook segment you are targeting. Is it more Facebook likes by College students? The type of contest will dictate its attractiveness to whoever you are targeting. Some ideas for contests are;

  • Photo captioning and video contests- You post photos and videos and invite the funniest or most interesting captions
  • Brand trivia – Ask questions to assess the knowledge of your brand
  • Like and comment to win – Fans are invited to comment and like your posts for a reward
  • Fill in the blanks – You post a sentence about your brand, with blanks for fans to fill
  • Crowdsourcing contest – Invite fans to suggest what product/service they would like to see your business offer and the features they would like to see.

# Keep it simple

No one wants to spend 30 minutes filling one form after another of their personal information for a contest. Create a contest that can be done in less than 3 minutes, enough to attract the contestant, understand the contest and do an input.

You could for example set a series of 7 questions on brand knowledge then take the contestant to your website to find out if they have answered all the questions correctly and won a prize.

# Prizes that make sense

If your contest is targeting college students, a prize of utensils makes less sense than a voucher for electronics purchase. Choose a prize that connects with your intended contestants. Some of the popular rewards include;

  • Music
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Entertainment

#Mobile friendly

Statistics show that majority of Facebook users in their 20’s are accessing Facebook on mobile phones. In fact 51% of Facebook users engage their social networks on mobile with the rate growing at 58% a year. Some of the ways to optimize for mobile are;

  • Using Contests for Facebook, an app that optimizes your content for access across Android, IPhone, and Windows
  • Keeping the contest forms simple and easy to fill on mobile
  • Having as few steps as possible

By Mark Pavelich President & CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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