Why Quality Content is the Key to Success

By October 11, 2016Blogposts

They say content is king. This is cliché but very true in the cut-throat competition on the web. Days are long gone when you slapped a few pictures and flash animations for a website.  Web surfers are spoilt for choice and you must give them a reason to come to, and stay on your site. Quality content means content that is meaningful, adds value and is informative to the website visitor.  With quality content, your site becomes an authority site commanding huge audiences.

Search engine ranking

Search engine algorithms are getting smarter. Promoting sites with dubious content is no longer possible. Google’s latest algorithm, called the Penguin, is able to sniff out spammy content and duplicated content. By analyzing hits, bounce rates, time on page, and relevance of keywords and so on, Google can gauge the quality of your content.

For better ranking, Google encourages you to serve different types of content. Pages with good video, infographics, and sources other than text rank better than text only sites, forcing you to make better content.

Site authority

Your site becomes an authority site when it is a reference point for people looking for information in your niche. Forbes.com for example, is an authority site on financial matters as is pcmag.com for IT related stuff. Quality relevant content makes more people look to your site as a resource. This makes it easier to monetize your site by various methods such as advertising space.

Better branding

Amazon is a brand that commands quality. This means that anything the site sells has higher chances of selling better due to the trust the brand has built. With quality content, you build your brand and in extension that of your products and services. This makes you sell better and generate higher revenues.

Content life

Quality informative content lives on the fast changing web for longer. That is why you can get old tutorials from the early days of the web. When your content lives longer, it keeps attracting site visitors for longer. This makes your marketing efforts have better ROIs and have longer impact, making it more cost effective.

Business prospects

A good quality site will always attract business prospects in various forms. You will get prospective advertisers, guest bloggers, brand partners and so on. People are always willing to do business with a highly ranked site.

Content is king, but you must mind the content you are putting up. High standards of quality will see your site attracting more traffic and revenues.

By Mark Pavelich President & CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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