Print vs. the Internet

By November 3, 2015Blogposts, Uncategorized

Why are so many of you still maximizing your marketing dollars in print advertising when it’s one of the most expensive & least effective ways to market your business?
Ask your grandpa, uncle or cousin where they read the news and they probably will tell you one of the two things; 1. I don’t read the news or 2. Online! My Dida (Grandpa) is 81 years old and he reads all his news from sports to local, on the computer!
1) People don’t nearly read the newspaper as they once did, but ads are still very expensive!
2) Twitter is the best social media platform for news; you can follow the New York Times, your local papers, sports teams & stations, online websites & more! You will get news & updates on all your interest on a timeline!

If you’re not already a top of mind brand print advertising does nothing for you!

Local magazines are used a lot for B2B prospecting & restaurants but I still find it odd how some companies are paying for full page ads! I mean for the price; usually from $3500-$10000 and I’m not including cities like New York or equivalent in that price break. This is average for cities in the 1M to about 5 M population ranges.

Knowing the distribution of the magazine is great, but how many people are actually picking it up? How many people are reading it? How many people are vaguely going through it? It is impossible to calculate the ROI of print advertising unless your calculating actual phone calls and it’s probably not looking great.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not against print at all, I just strongly believe in scaling it way back so that you can allocate more dollars to other mediums, especially social media, content marketing, and psychographics (strategic ad placement & buying, real views). You need proper language and visuals to attract digital views, this is where we come in to help you convey your brands message to a world that knows no borders & that actually never sleeps, the internet! Plus you’re saving the planet by not printing!

Written by: Dave Pavelich

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