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With the human eye, we can only see what’s present.  We may feel, taste, or experience intuitions-  gut feelings, and nothing more.  We can’t forecast what cannot be seen.  But after collecting data and identifying certain trends or behaviours, sometimes people know.  Special people know.  Entrepreneurs know

Entrepreneurs have the ability to see what’s beyond the capacity of the human lens.

Disrupters identified holes in business models for taxis, hotels, shopping and food delivery.  They kickstarted billion dollar businesses and industries that changed how we conceive commerce, operating largely without owning any inventory.  They saw what few others did. Opportunity.  Holes.  Glitches in ancient business models such as transportation and lodging.  How’d they do it? 

Here’s a classic example:  Facebook and MySpace.  When MySpace was at its peak in 2004, few believed that Tom Anderson’s platform could be duplicated— or beat.  “Social media exists and it’s called MySpace,” you probably pontificated.  Facebook came out.  It reinvented the game, and since then, numerous other social media platforms have found a coexistence in the same realm as the Zuckerberg albatross.

Businesses can coexist.  The great ones will swallow the inferior, but you’ll often see that there’s something for everyone and just when you think an avenue has been cornered, a new entry comes to the polls and alas— new opportunity.

Entrepreneurs don’t have night vision or the ability to see it to the future.  What they do have, however, is the ability to monetize trends and shortcomings of everyday practices and processes.  They can take rudimentary applications and improve upon them though sleek innovations.  Do you like coffee?  What if you could have great barista-esque coffee in a single cup serving- instantly?  Well here you go.

A struggling retailer in Queens, NY may be selling a product no one wants, but may have a proprietary application for another product which could better be utilized and sold elsewhere, en masse.  An entrepreneur would identify that and may be inclined to offer to purchase the business, with the sole purpose of ownership of the aforementioned application.

The next time you look at something, adjust your lense.  You may be viewing the world through the eyes of a laggard, when you could be seeing it in a different light. 

The majority of the world views life through the scope of what is.  Entrepreneurs view life through what could be.

By @MarkPavelich President The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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