Pinterest is not just for Women

By May 13, 2016Blogposts

If you are not Pinning then you are losing out. Pinterest was the fastest growing social network in 2015. This means that the 100 million users are a ripe audience to target and will only keep growing. Many businesses do not know how to go about Pinterest and keep losing out in marketing opportunities. Others believe that it is a social network mainly for food recipes, weddings and dieting. Nothing could be further from the truth.

How can a business go about establishing a serious presence on Pinterest and establish new markets?

1. Open a business account

Pinterest was initially for personal use but has opened up doors for business use. A business account differs from a personal account in the added features of analytics, rich pins and promoted posts.  You will need to create a profile including your location and website. You will need to have the website verified.

You also choose a rich pin that defines your content. You can choose recipe, article, product, place and movie.

  1. Set up boards

These are the workspaces on which you will be pinning similar content for example Men’s accessories could go to one board while lingerie could be on another and so on. It is advisable to set up boards with keywords that will help find them faster in a search.

  1. Pin content

This is what defines your Pinterest performance. Pin quality content and use rich keywords to define it. HD pictures, well done infographics and quality articles will do well for your boards.

  1. Engage your audience

This is where you encourage clients to go to your pins and follow you. You can do it by email, or having a Pin share button on your blog posts. Call the user to action inviting to share, follow and repin.

  1. Increase visibility

To get the best out of Pinterest and be seen some tips to follow are;

  • Making as much content on your website and blog shareable on Pinterest.
  • Follow others with similar interests but share only quality content
  • Create content with your target in mind. Profiling helps deliver tailor made content
  • Always include your website links and location so that potential clients can easily find your business
  • Apply SEO just like in your website. Keywords matter in making your Pins visible
  • High quality Pins of HD photos usually score better.
  • Use influencers to climb up quicker. Influencers are those already with good following and if you can get them to follow you back people will take your Pin more seriously.

By Mark Pavelich President CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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