Why being obsessed with your Business is so much more important than just having Passion for It.

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Much has been talked about when it comes to having a passion and getting obsessed. Most authors talk of the passion as the healthiest thing to do while the obsession is often seen as unhealthy.

Obsession does not have to be the unhealthy fixation that everybody is talking about. In business, healthy obsession is what people believe to be the purpose or goal for their business. In fact, entrepreneurs are either looking for their passion in life or already living it. Obsession is the act of living the obsession.

 Why choose obsession?

Obsession gives you the thick skin to get you going

The business requires not just love to do business but also the ability to remain there every day of the week without tiring or getting frustrated. Obsession gives you the push to come back to the same premises even when yesterday was not good for the business. Healthy obsession gives you the thick skin to work as if there were no challenges that you had encountered. On the other hand, you are likely to lose your motivation after you have had a string of business failures when you just have a passion for the business.

Obsession helps you practice your trade

To master any particular craft or skill, you need about 10,000 hours’ worth of practice. 10,000 hours is for the weak hearted. Most passionate people still drop out of the race when boredom and need for persistence come to play. On the other hand, obsession helps you repeat your work each day without getting bored. If you are obsessed with your business, your mind already accepts your repeating the trade and thereby mastering its loops and ties.

You cease forcing yourself to do what is needed

Obsession comes with enjoy, and so does passion. However, when it comes to passion, it is the coefficient of what you are gaining from the activity. Whenever the activity ceases to be the lovechild of the passionate person, he or she ceases to enjoy the activity. On the other hand, when you are obsessed, you do not need to force yourself. Your heart and mind are already into the business and can work ‘mindlessly’.

Are running a venture? Mark Pavelich; CEO, The Mark Consulting & Marketing advises that you become possessed. With obsession, you will manage to avoid distractions as you progress in business and success will be inevitable.

The Mark Consulting & Marketing Staff

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