New Wave of Marketing Trends in 2015

By August 13, 2015Blogposts, Uncategorized

1) Personalized Marketing
Have you noticed that big corporation are personalizing their marketing to emotionally connect with a certain audience? It can be generalized to a community with local or regional targeted campaigns. A good example of this is Coca-Cola  going as far as putting people’s names on their cans.

2) Social Media
I can’t help but add social media as a whole to this list, taking advantage of these online platforms is not even a question anymore, it’s a must do for all new start-ups & great tool for big corporations.

3) Programmatic Buying
This is really the answer to all our data questions regarding online digital media buying, this tool immensely improves targeting with back end psychographics, this will lead to computer & automated marketing buying in the near future. The computer really knows everything about you based on what you tell it; meaning what you  “Search”, “Click”, “Look” & “Creep” artificial intelligence will play the biggest impact on the New Wave of Marketing.

4) Streaming service
Streaming has become a business in the past 5 years, and it will blow up within the next 10 years, with that said, ads are coming, they are already on YouTube & other online streaming sites and they will come to your favourite streaming service, it’s inevitable, advertising funds entertainment.

5) Everything gets old
Your favourite song gets old, bread grows mold, your grandmother ages, and you too my friend will get old! We all age, and that means we have to speak to millennials differently, as they soon become the most important part of the middle class as they start building their family. Learning how to convey a message differently across a spectrum of different advertising platforms makes for a lot more work for marketers.

6) More video’s, more visuals
Video marketing, explaining your product, commercials, ads, connecting with your consumer, building a YouTube channel, and making yourself your own personal brand is exactly where marketing is headed. That means more videos than ever!

Written  by: Dave Pavelich : Twitter/ Instagram @DPavelich