Why We Need a KICK In The Back Side.

By February 22, 2018Blogposts

So many times in life I’ve seen people fall short of their potential. It’s sad to be perfectly honest, so many have tremendous gifts of creativity and intelligence, but in many of those same people there is a horrible lack of drive, even laziness! I want that to end, so, recently I decided to kick a couple of my friends in the back side, reminding them that the extreme talent that they are both carrying, is being wasted.

Now in today’s culture there is a lack of people really speaking the truth. The truth hurts I suppose, but there is a sickness that is being allowed to spread that has to come to an end! If we cannot hear the constructive criticism from those closest to us, we are going to be left in a world of mediocre achievement. Actually what will probably happen is a younger generation will actually get it, pick up the torch, and run way past those with the talent right now.

I don’t mean to be doom and gloom, but I am incredibly perceptive, that’s my gift, and what I perceive, I wouldn’t wish on my enemies, let alone my close friends! There are so many right now sitting back and waiting, maybe you have been discouraged, maybe creativity has seemed to dry up, or you really are just being lazy… There is no time to lose! People all over the world are getting up and using what they have to achieve their dreams, why aren’t you?!

The 2 friends I mentioned took the kick, they got up, they are using their talent, I want you to do the same! Don’t worry about building a kingdom overnight, Rome was not built in a day! But there always has to be steps forward, sure it’s uphill, it’s hard, but that is just strengthening you for when it is time to run! And to run faster! Take this kick, it’s time to move!

By Mark Pavelich CEO President The Mark Consulting & Marketing 

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