Momentum beats experience.

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“Timing beats speed, precision beats power” ~ Conor McGregor; It only took 13 seconds for the NEW undisputed bantamweight champion of the world to dethrone the former champion Jose Aldo, who was undefeated for a whopping 11 years!

So how did a relatively new contender defeat such a feared champion in record setting time?


Momentum will always beat experience and that’s why we see so many super successful start-ups in the world today, because momentum leads to innovation which in turn disrupts market shares and turns a contender into a champion.

“The faster you move, the more energy you have” ~ Brian Tracy

Momentum = Action

If you think you’re doing enough to reach your goals, you’re NOT! Like my good friend Grant Cardone says you must 10x your action. So whatever you think is enough action to reach your goals times that by 10 and you’ll for sure get to where you want to be!

Once momentum starts going it becomes very difficult to stop no matter what the obstacles might be. Create the necessary changes in your life to accelerate your momentum by implementing positive habits in your daily routine. Over time these habits will become something you do without thinking and this will be the driving force to your success.

Don’t be afraid to annoy your friends on social media, the only thing you should be scared of is your goals; your goals need to be so big that they give you anxiety! Start doing more action, more videos, more social media, more blogs, more calls, more guerilla tactics, more emails, more passion and more boots to the pavement. Your action will build your self-confidence like the NEW world champ Conor McGregor, he envisioned winning the championship & losing was not an option. He talks thrash and backs it up, his hard work, dedication and action are the pillars that built his self-confidence which caused him to have unstoppable momentum!

Like we talked about on the #SocialMediaMania podcast Episode 15 this will not happen overnight, there is no such thing as overnight success. You have to have persistence, like the actress who waited tables and acted in short films, and crappy plays until one day she finally got her big break you might know her, her name is Jennifer Aniston!

Your first blog might not get any readers, your first podcast might not get any listeners, your first video might not get a million views & shares but your millionth video might get 10 million views. Don’t let anything stop you… Every form of content you create, every time you go to the gym, every time you move, every time you put in work or action you create more momentum for yourself and you will become unstoppable, because only you can stop you!

Written by Dave Pavelich

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