Mobile Marketing Is Changing the Game

By February 29, 2016Blogposts

If you are in the marketing business or looking into expanding your business online, you must have been noticing a shift in usage trends. More people are now using their cell phones to surf the internet than ever before. The use of desktops has gone down drastically while mobile usage has gone up in the last few years. Online browsing trends are changing rapidly and if one wants to gain an edge in this technologically advanced world, it is highly important to understand and design your marketing strategies around these shifts in trends.
The advancements in smart phones has created a marketing revolution as more users now prefer tablets, mobile phones and other mobile devices to access online businesses and web in general. The simplicity and convenience has made mobile phones a very important part of our daily lives. This has led to the importance of business owners to understand and channel mobile marketing to give a boost to their business.
It is important at this point to explain what Mobile marketing is as not everyone understands that clearly. If you put it in simple words, when you are trying to market your business or service through smart phones, tablets, smart watch or mobile phones, it is referred to as ‘Mobile Marketing’. The use of SMS, MMS, app-based marketing, smart phone tailored websites along with mobile based ads and images all come under mobile marketing strategies. However, your success depends on creating a perfect mix of these methods to effectively reach your target audience.

Why use Mobile Marketing?
There have been studies and statistics have shown that with time more people are accessing internet through their smart phones. From 40% users in 2013 to over 50-60% in 2015, the growing trend is proof that those companies that are putting more effort in mobile advertising have a brighter future than those that are still behind. In 2015, one third of website traffic was from smart phones.

Using social media for mobile advertising
Social media has become an important tool for internet marketers. As people have shifted from desktop use to mobile usage, the marketing campaigns have been altered by companies to take advantage of shift in trend to get ahead of their competition. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have gained further importance when it comes to developing mobile marketing plans which incorporate these platforms to advertise and promote their businesses. More promotions are developed around social media to increase the online exposure of companies to mobile users.

Mobile app for smart phone users
Another venue for marketing and furthering your business online is developing a mobile app and coming up with marketing strategies there. Smart phone users are turning towards using apps that are developed to offer them incentives for businesses or services. Many businesses now have apps that offer incentives such as customer loyalty discounts, point system and many other marketing methods that appeals to customers and attracts them towards the business. Such mobile advertising will help businesses attract more mobile customers.

Developing responsive, mobile friendly sites
The need to have mobile friendly sites and go responsive is higher than ever before. A very common question that comes across all the time is what is responsive website? A website that is programmed to detect smart phone or any such device and display accordingly with the required adjustments is responsive. Any business that does not have a responsive web design is potentially losing business as customers get turned off and move on to sites that offer easier smart phone and device navigation. If you are a business owner with an older website, it is time you get a responsive website. Not only do you lose potential customers, google is now penalizing websites that are not responsive, which will in turn affect their online ranking.

Creating a mix of Mobile Marketing Strategies
Every business is different and requires unique combination of mobile marketing strategies that will help it get further. Some of these mobile advertising methods are optional while some are highly important. Knowing what needs to be done can be critical in the success of a business in today’s online world. Professional marketing companies have the experience and knowledge that is much needed in coming up with successful online advertising campaigns. The mark consulting and marketing company comprises of mobile advertising experts that can take your business to the next level of success with their mobile marketing strategies.

by Mark Pavelich President Ceo The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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