Marketing in the Year 2017 and What to Expect

By June 11, 2016Blogposts

It is definitely not possible to see that future but that does not mean that you should not prepare for it. Determining the best marketing trends in 2017 and then capitalizing on these trends will help any business to adequately prepare for the future. This is very important in the face of the fact that most times, you might feel that you have your marketing figured out. But just when you think that you have it all figured out, you realize that new and better marketing approaches have been identified. With advertising and marketing expected to reach unprecedented levels financially, many changes are expected. At the same time, many things will change but along the lines that have been witnessed before. Here are few tips on what you can expect in marketing in 2017.

Expect Tailored Marketing in 2017

Over the years, the desires of customers and the way they make purchases have experienced remarkable changes. Customers look forward to exclusive and customized approaches product display. They prefer marketing that will connect with them in a unique way. Customers will be discontented with websites that have content that are not in their interest and if they don’t get what they are looking for, they will look elsewhere.

Expect a Synergy of Marketing Efforts

Until now, every effort at marketing has been decentralized. Search engine optimization worked in one place, social media worked at its own and blogs worked separately as well. This created challenges because marketing efforts were separately distinct from other campaigns. In 2017, there will be a convergence of all marketing efforts and this will make marketing more effective than has ever been seen before. With a centralized approach to marketing, it will be easier to plan and execute very persuasive marketing campaigns.

Marketing Will Move to Mobilized Platforms

More than 80% of internet users are now accessing the internet through hand held devices. The consumption of digital media is now taking place through smart devices. Mobile optimization has become the biggest force in ranking. While marketing s already taking place in the mobile platform, this is one area of marketing that will continue to enhance user experience. In 2017, marketing will continue to move into this user friendly platform.

Expect data Driven Marketing in 2017

Marketing is not just about spending huge amounts of money without measurable results. In 2017, marketing efforts will take on a more scientific approach that is expected to be quantifiable. What this means is that there will be a need for the collection and analyzing of data. Data will become more important than opinion and marketers will want to gain more knowledge about customers in order to find the best approaches.

Expect us, The Mark Consulting & Marketing to be at the forefront in 2017 with continually growing & learning in all areas of marketing, video production, photography, web & graphic design and the ability to tie it all together via social media & beyond.

By Mark Pavelich President & Ceo The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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