Key concepts too improve your business.

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We are going through a recession; I’ve given you some tips on how to keep your business thriving during hard economic times during my last YouTube video “Is Your Business Recession Proof? – DavePavelichTV Episode 5”. You can watch it at , here are a few more concepts to improve your business at any time!

Bounce Rate:
Collecting data & metrics through Google Analytics and other programs is imperative for your business, this will show you your psychographics, and let you know who’s browsing your website and social media platforms, how many pages they are clicking through, and how long they are staying on your platforms. Knowing who your customers are is very important, but for some reason businesses are collecting this data without aligning their creative to improve their bounce rate. Keep in mind that you want to convert your traffic into making money, how can you improve your functionality and how can you entice these people to stay on your platforms longer? Re-designing your website, updating your visuals, and modernizing your language to reach all of your different targets are the most important aspect of your marketing campaigns going into 2016.
Customer Service:
I just finished writing a blog post about this topic last week, and I feel that I need to reiterate this, customer service has plummeted within the last 15 years and it is at an all-time worst. I don’t know how half of these people even got a job or if I should really blame it all on the training! Train your staff! Be polite, courteous, and to go above and beyond their expectations. Because everyone lacks customer service these days, improving this aspect of your business will definitely set you apart from the pack.
Personal Development:
Always keep learning, self-education is one of the most important concepts in business today, technology is moving forward at an alarming rate, and it is changing the way we do business on every level. You must keep up to date with so many variables, that it will be overwhelming if you don’t keep up with the times. Use these skills to further educate your team, your co-workers, and your employee’s and witness how quickly your business rises over the ones who stay stagnant!

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