I just Don’t Give A (Place Explicit Here) How Cheap It Is!

By April 16, 2018Blogposts

Well by the title you can tell I am a tad on the salty side of things today. Why salty you ask? Well let me explain. #1 How many times do I have to explain that social media is not a magical “winning” machine that you plug some money into and magical prosperity comes out of. And #2 NO your Uncle, cousin, secretary, landlord, or housekeeper can do what I do with social media because they took a 49.99 course on the internet.

Now that those things are off my chest let’s dive a bit deeper with you who really are starting to understand that this “game” of social media is more of an air traffic controller type of job than a selling Popsicles to grade school kids type of job. I applaud those that want to learn, but self proclaiming as an expert when you are not has to stop! It is truly ruining a field that can do a lot of good, and is filling it with a whole lot of SH*T!!!

Starting a media management company means you are taking responsibility on helping a business grow! Once you get a company to trust you with this it is part of your family! Selling them horrible content and useless words like “SEO” will eventually cause them to just cut you off!

We need to see WAY more ownership of “social media companies” these days. If you are in a business and you see “Social Media Management for 100 bucks a month” flash across your screen WAIT!!!!!!! I know it’s cheap, cheap like a crappy toy from Mcdonalds cheap! It’s gonna fail you! Probably even HURT your business! If someone tries to say “Oh we will teach you to do all of this” DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! You are already pinned to the wall with being busy! How are you going to add another MULTI-PERSON job onto one person’s plate?

Basically I really am sick of these sales pitches that speak to the cheapness of our culture, no true business owner wants their valuable time and product to have the crappy label of cheap on it, WHY are you being cheap with your social standing in today’s market?

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