Instagram is the hottest thing going in the world of Social Media.

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So as every current and new member posts photo after photo, the logjam of information overload becomes bigger and bigger. As a company trying to gain a foothold within Instagram it is extremely important that you do everything possible to stand out from the overwhelming crowd.
Here’s a six-pack of tips to help you gain some Instagram spotlight:
Pump up your profile – You only get one chance to make a first impression so make it count. The profile is the only place on Instagram where links are active so if you want new and potential customers to see what you’ve got this is the place to make it happen. Make your image as unforgettable as possible. If it’s one that sticks in the memory banks it is bound to keep flashing back in people’s minds so they’ll want to see what’s new on your feed. Make your bio a quick, easy and informative read as well. The bio needs to say a lot in a few words so make them count. And don’t forget to make your link simple to spot and that it 100% works.
Hop on the hashtag – Unlike other social media outlets, hashtags are the one and only way to search on Instagram. Pick as many hashtags as possible to fit your post and they’ll boost the number of likes and comments coming back your way. Another option is to custom-build a hashtag and then get your followers to pass it around.
Image optimization – Images are everything on Instagram so make sure they fit your brand and the message you are efforting to get out there. Keep the images tight to the message of the community, and try to use blue tones for filters and images with block colors.
Post, post and more posts – It is widely recommended that you post three times per week. Now if you’re a business in the midst of an important event like an anniversary sale or special event, you might want to bump that up for the duration. No matter what be consistent. Don’t let your feed lag. With Instagram booming, the last thing you want to do is lag and be forgotten.
Get involved – Don’t just wait for people to comment and like what you offer. Go out and strategically do the same. Your company has vendors, valued clients, and staff members. Comment and like what they’re posting. You’ll reach their customers who in turn might become yours. It’s called ‘social’ media for a reason. Be social. Be interactive. Be communicative.
Tag … You’re it – By using geo-tags and tagging people to your posts, there’s a far greater opportunity to connect with more people. A geo-tag pinpoints location which helps potential customers find out where you are and what you offer. Their simple search can lead right to your front door. Tagging people in a photo makes them share in the experience and connects you to everyone that the tagged individual is in touch with. It’s word of mouth – visually speaking.

By: Mark Pavelich The Mark Consulting & Marketing President


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