The Importance of Hashtags on Instagram

By June 20, 2016Blogposts

Most people have probably seen the ubiquitous # sign that’s always placed on social media posts but are unsure or unaware what the symbol does. That sign is a hashtag and is used to make it simpler to locate posts or information that has a specific subject or content. You create a hashtag by adding the symbol # in front of a specific word or words without spacing the words. It helps to add hashtags into your online content on social media for a number of reasons. Hashtags are important especially on Instagram and should be used for purposes outlined below.

Using Hashtags for Purposes of Branding

Hashtags are very effective when used for purposes of branding on Instagram. When you want to market your brand on Instagram and you would like to use your brand, hashtags will come in handy. Marketing a brand is a vital part of business. Instead of using random posts which cannot show on search results when people are looking for your brand name, you can use hashtags. When you post pictures on Instagram that contain hashtags with your brand name, people will recognize the post. They will know that the post is from a specific business. Hashtags are for this matter very essential for purposes of making your brand recognizable on Instagram.

Using Hashtags for Purposes of Visibility

When you market your brand on Instagram, people will become interested in your products or services. For these people to look for a specific product or service, they will try to use keywords on the search bar. The keyword that they use will then appear against a list. For your products or services to be visible in that list, you must use hashtags. Once people are familiar with your brand as well as your products or services, they will look for a specific name. That name will be the name associated with your brand and your products or services. Hashtags are very important for purposes of providing your brand, and your products and services with visibility on Instagram.

Using Hashtags as a Trend on Instagram

When you post anything on Instagram, make sure that what you post is quality. Quality pictures and photos that have a connection to your brand will give you an edge on Instagram. But just posting quality pictures or photos is not enough. You should use hashtags on your photos because when they get hit on target audience, your brand will become the buzz word and you will start trending. Hashtags exponentially enhance your chances of spreading once your pictures are a hit on Instagram as well as on other social media platforms. When you witness an overnight trend on social media, it is probably because a hashtag was used.

By Mark Pavelich President & CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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