Why I’m Still Obsessed with Twitter

By October 14, 2016Blogposts

The badly performing stock of the micro-blogging platform has led some to declare the untimely death of Twitter. This could be nothing further than the truth. Twitter is still very much alive and kicking. For the marketer with a good strategy, there is much to be gained from putting in those 140 characters.

#1 influencer marketing

If you plan to engage social media heavyweights, Twitter is the place to be. Big brands and celebrities still run to Twitter to make their pronouncements.

#2 Simplicity

Twitter gave us the hashtag, RT, and @ for simplicity in making topics, spreading content and targeting other users. This simplicity plus the fact that you only need 140 characters to pass on your message has made it a hit with millions of core users.

#3 Global reach

Twitter is still the second biggest social media network with 520 million users. Twitter is still the preferred method of making content going viral.  You can opt to broadcast or target. With the ‘@’ you will be sure that whoever is at the other end of the handle will get your message.

#4 Conversations

You don’t have to be a friend or follower to get in a great conversation. The hashtag is all you need to make your opinion on a trending topic. It is easy to search topics easily and follow them. Your content is open to everyone on the hashtag, which is very ideal for viral content.

#5 Research

Twitter is the best tool for research among the social networks. The basic search will show you people, hashtags and keywords. The advanced search function will allow you to search by specific locations, dates and events. You can for example see influencers in an area, the events they are attending and the dates.

Marketers love keyword research. Twitter will show you what people are talking about on your keyword.  Tick the question check at the bottom and see what is most talked about in your keyword.

#6 Google ranking

Get your webpages and content ranked better in Google with more engagement on Twitter. If your Tweets are constantly hitting 10k, Google will take note and improve your ranking.

#7 Traffic

In addition to better Google ranking, Twitter can drive massive traffic to your website. Promote your URLs with viral content and watch your traffic grow.

For the avid marketer, ignoring Twitter could be perilous. It is easy, and the audience within reach is massive, promising better returns.

By Mark Pavelich President & CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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