How to Make Videos People Will Watch on Social Media

By April 23, 2021Blogposts

Want your videos to make an impact on social channels? Wondering how to create videos that grab and hold people’s attention? What’s important is to hook them as quickly as you can and then unpack that hook. This introduction could take 60 seconds, but if you get the hook right at the very start, it’ll be almost impossible for them to look away.

Lots of videos start with introductions. The person on the screen says who they are and what they plan to talk about. But viewers are selfish; they only want the information they came for—what was promised to them in the post. Remember, people don’t want to get to know you online at first; that comes over time and through multiple videos. You could have the best video content in the world but if it’s delivered in a nervous, monotonous tone, you’ll lose the viewer’s attention, and worse, damage your credibility.

People are attracted to confidence and charisma. What I’ve found out over time that everyone and I mean everyone has some form of charisma and confidence and it takes practice and time. * Use your hands to reinforce those points. * Present like nobody’s watching. * Keep your eyes trained on the camera lens (looking away will appear evasive).

* Try not to shout. It’s about energy, not volume. * (Huge fault of mine) lol

Because people have different expectations about what types of content are shared on each platform, it’s always important to keep the context of the channel in mind.

Beyond the type of content you create, you’ll also want to consider how it’s formatted. Here’s a quick run-down of the maximum video lengths for each platform, plus some recommendations for ideal video length.

  • Facebook: 120 minutes (Recommended: 10–30 seconds)
  • Twitter: 2 minutes, 20 seconds (Recommended: 45 seconds
  • Instagram feed: 60 seconds (Recommended: 30 seconds or less)
  • Instagram Stories: 15 seconds (Recommended: 15 seconds)
  • Snapchat: 10 seconds (Recommended: 8–10 seconds)
  • LinkedIn: 10 minutes (Recommended: 30 seconds–5 minutes

Remember have fun and always bring the energy.

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