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Snapchat is an amazing popular mobile app that allows you to send videos and pictures. It also offers a platform where you can take photos, videos and still add some feature such as a caption, doodle or a lens graphic and send it to a friend. It is a fun messaging app. The core purpose of snapchat is to send photos and videos called snaps. To kill it on snapchat you have to get deep understanding and knowledge of how snapchat works.
What you need to know about Snapchat.
• Your friends will only be able to view your snap for only up to 10 seconds before it disappears. However, if you want to retain an archive of friends snap, take screenshots of the snaps and save them.
• By 2014 Snapchat app users were sending an average of about 700 million snaps a day. This made this app one the most popular messaging app. Due to its popularity and great features, Facebook offered a deal of $3 billion to acquire it but one of the cofounders declined the cash offer.
Who uses Snapchat?
Snapchat is widely used by both teens and adults. It is mostly hit among teenagers according to survey and statistics collected by several research firms. Snapchat has already embraced new demographics this has made this app as their alternative means of communication among young generation.
How snapchat works.
Snapchat is so simple and an interesting app. First download snapchat app which is free. Then create an account and user ID. Once you have done that, the app will automatically open and show the camera. The camera view always acts as the main screen.
At the top left corner you find a flash icon purposely for toggling camera’s flash. At the top right corner you find camera button for toggling the camera between front and rear facing mode. The center area serves as your camera view.
On the bottom of the main screen there is a big round button for taking photos and videos. To record a video hold the camera button, or tap the button to take a snap. There is a square button located at the bottom left hand corner. This displays the number of unread snaps waiting for you. Tap or swipe from left to read your snaps.
If in case you received a message from followers a three line icon will be displayed at the bottom right corner. Swipe from right when you want to view stories.
How to add contacts on snapchat.
While on the main screen, swipe down to add contacts or else tap snapchat logo at the top .The contact screen automatically opens. At the top right there is a gear icon for accessing setting. The contact screen lets you know who added you, browse through all already added friends and also find new friends to add.
How to send and view snaps.
On the main screen there is an arrow shaped icon on the bottom right. Tap this icon which opens a send to screen. With that you will be able to select your recipients. Once done, tap the next arrow icon that appears this sends your snap.
To view received snaps, go to the main menu screen and tap the square icon. This displays all the unread snaps.
How to get your target audiences attention.
Snapchat mobile app offers so many additional features. You would be surprised to learn there many more ways to spice up your snaps and videos. Get to know your audience, for instance their age, character and your core purpose in snapchat. Build a good reputable profile. Your profile picture along with the snap that you post reveals more about your character. Use a quality mobile device to take snaps and videos. Download more snapchat apps in order to truly take advantage of what fun this messaging app has to offer.
Snapchat is a great mobile friendly app that also allows you to share about your products, services for your business as well as moments and stories with great people around and far from you. It has amazing features that gives you and your business more exposure online. Download this free app and install on your mobile device. Contact The Mark Consulting and Marketing to get more details on how social media can help your business gain an edge over competitors. The company specializes in offering unique social media marketing services to its customers.

By Mark Pavelich President & Ceo The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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