How to Craft Spectacular Social Media Posts on Facebook

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A simple social media strategy involves generating an update, selecting your desired networks before auto-publishing it. Out of the available social media platforms, Facebook stands out as one of the most popular. Therefore, you need to put more effort on what you post on this platform as compared to anywhere else. However, if you do not make extra effort optimize what you post, the material you post on Facebook could amount to naught.
Before you delve into the meat of how you can make your posts spectacular, you must first understand what happens on Facebook. Every user’s account has a feature known as News Feed. Its work is to filter the stories posted by users. Every day, around 1,500 such stories pass through the News Feed filter. Eventually, 300 of these get into the feed. Your task should be to ensure that your posts make it to the 300.
How do you achieve that?

Use photos widely
To date, Facebook posts with photos have a wide viewership rate than those without an image. Therefore, if you want your displayed content to attract a large number of people in the targeted audience, include some photos. Your fans will have a field day opening these pictures, sharing them with others while posting some comments. Even without you knowing it, your brand visibility increases.

Put some quality in your visuals
The creators of Facebook have come up with dimensions that the site allows. For instance, if you want to post an image to accompany a newsfeed, ensure that it has 1200 by 1200 pixels.
Keep your posts link-free
Well, there is no harm in putting links on your Facebook posts. In any case, these links are the gateway to your site and a possible business opportunity. However, using URLs with too many details can ruin your posts. If someone was interested in finding out more about your product or service, he or she could click on your URL title or thumbnail. Therefore, remove the link from the content.

Word count
Internet users have a peculiar habit of ignoring content that is too long. Nonetheless, a post whose word count exceeds 80 has a higher chance of drawing people’s attention than one less than this. Remember that when you use too many words, someone will just go over the post or ignore it entirely. Therefore, use the right balance of words to keep your audiences engaged.
Punctuate your posts accordingly
Facebook users have an obsession for hashtags. However, using too many of them could beat your purpose. Use one or two tags per post and you will have more interactions. At most, do not go beyond three. Hashtags direct people to conversations. Moreover, you can use hashtags to promote discussion over a new product or service. For better results, let your hashtags be relevant to your business and avoid being ambiguous.

Have a plan
Isn’t it surprising how entrepreneurs plan every aspect of their activities to the tiniest of details? Sadly, many fail to recognize that social media marketing demands a similar approach. Therefore, if you want Facebook to work for you, come up with a plan on how to manage your posts. Say, for instance, that you import and sell flowers online, you could have content that talks about types of flowers, floral arrangement and so on. Knowing your content beforehand will help you schedule what comes first and what follows after that.
Write your posts with the reader in mind
Internet users have a short attention span. However, you should not be discouraged by this fact. Instead, think of how you can make most of the eight seconds an average online user takes to focus on something. To counter the attention deficiency, give the first few words of your post a strong appeal. This way, you will suck in your audience, and before they know it, they are already pondering over what you have updated on your business page.
Use the above tips and watch as the number of visitors on your Facebook page grows. Mark Consulting and Marketing Firm offers its customers with expert services in social media marketing that gives their business a boost needed to get to the next level.

By Mark Pavelich President Ceo The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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