How Small Businesses Can Use New Periscope Streaming on Twitter

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Streaming live videos for your business is what every small business should be focusing on in 2016. This is just a simple way to make your business look more personal especially when you focus on streaming videos of events happening right now. The periscope live streaming App is similar to Meerkat and others. Streaming live videos of your small business activities enhances the trust the audience will have in your brand. The new periscope streaming App by twitter is designed to offer quick and simple explanations of occurrences of your business every day. Ensuring consistency with your video streaming sessions will ensure your brand awareness and also improve the traffic getting to your small business.

The idea of live streaming or having your own broadcast station in your pocket is a significant move for the success of your small business. The new periscope streaming is a brilliant idea brought forward by Twitter. Integrating your business with technology could cause no harm. Small businesses need to take advantage of the new periscope streaming technology which is currently available for both IOS and Android. It is an entirely separate App from the Twitter’s flagship service.

Periscope appears on the twitter feeds and lets you broadcast live videos to the world from your smartphone. This for sure is an amazing innovation that has helped a lot of businesses get online success by capturing more audience. Periscope has achieved tremendous users in the last one year with many small businesses owners taking advantage of this technology to get more traffic, leads and sales to their businesses.

What you need to know when using periscope
● Positioning your phone when creating a live stream broadcast – It is essential you position your phone properly to ensure high quality videos.
● Using twitter and periscope for your small business – Twitter owns periscope and you can use the two services to ensure you get more traffic to your small business.
● Using Emoji and Hashtags on your Title – This will ensure that your video titles stand out and help you attract more traffic to your business.

The new periscope live video broadcasting on twitter can help small businesses significantly improve their online audience, by creating amazingly catchy videos for the business brand and sharing the broadcast to the different social media platforms. Since the inception of the periscope live broadcasting App by twitter, it has enormously grown with over 100 million video broadcasts available.

How small businesses can get traffic using New Periscope Streaming
Right now periscope is one of the new and latest social network on everyone’s mind. The App comes with great features for live video broadcasts. It is up to businesses to run faster and make use of this amazing technology. Let’s have a vivid look of how small businesses can get traffic using the new periscope streaming App.
● Make sure you add URL to your Bio – A clickable URL will help your audience discover your brand.
● Promote your Broadcast – Promoting your broadcast is a crucial step that will help you improve your audience to your small business online.
● Ensure you create and share great content – Many people hate it when they waste their time watching a shallow broadcast and will eventually quit watching your broadcast in just a few seconds after starting to watch, such people will eventually vanish and will never watch your broadcast again.
● Consistency – Consistency with your live streaming sessions using the new periscope streaming App is significant in ensuring your audience trusts your brand and eventually develops a culture of following your daily video postings on various social media networks including Twitter and Facebook.

The use of new periscope streaming App for your small business can have many pros and cons. We have seen periscope video broadcasting app offer great networking opportunities for small businesses and in 2016 these opportunities are meant to increase as a greater number of people are starting to understand what the app is all about and its effectiveness in live video broadcasting. The Mark Consulting and Marketing is a company that specializes in using this powerful small business marketing tool and many more in order to help small businesses grow and expand to its potential.

By: Mark Pavelich President Ceo The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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